10/4 RUM – Kim Clifford Distillery

10/4 RUM


A fine South Pacific Rum packed with character and heart. Yours to enjoy in it’s most elemental expression.


10/4 is a highly-spiced spiced rum that’s unashamedly big-hearted and warm. Distilled from mollasses,10/4’s tropical personality comes from caramelised banana, pineapple, toasted hazlenuts, and almonds.
The inspiration behind 10/4
10/4 is dedicated to those who are always there, no matter what. 10/4 is a warm, happy vibe, perfect for kicking back with good friends and feeling grateful for all the good things you share, together.

Here’s to friendship...

Ten Four Spiced Rum Orange Smash – Ten Four Cocktail

60ml Ten Four Spiced Rum
1 lime wedge
1 Orange wedge
15ml Sugar Syrup
4-5 leaves of fresh mint

Place all ingredients into a stirring glass and muddle together
Stir for 1 min to allow flavours to mix
Strain into a rum glass with 2 large ice cubes
Garnish with dried Mandarin and fresh Mint
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