Kim Clifford Distillery

Kim Clifford Distillery

Crafted to be enjoyed with kindred spirits

Infused with the essence of friends and family

Kim Clifford is a boutique Otago distillery creating masterful drinks to be enjoyed with kindred spirits. Our ethos is that life is for living and that friendships should be celebrated, sincerely and often. Our family of spirits are crafted to capture the essence of the people and places that inspire them; sophisticated, elegant, humble, complex, or just plain feisty. We’re devoted to the true joy of fine spirits; the pleasure of enjoying them in the company of great people. Surrounded by laughter, lightness, and love.

"For us, distilling is a true labour of love. Each spirit we create takes inspiration from a unique person, place or time, all lovingly conceived and hand-crafted. A delicate balance of beautifully complex ingredients, infused with layers of science and instinct. Every bottle represents the promise of great memories to come, always made to be shared, and always a pleasure to spend time with"

Distiller – Kim Clifford Distillery

Our Magical Home

Our home in the deep South shapes and defines us. It’s a place of extremes, from scorching heat to bone chilling cold. It’s dramatic, rugged and untamed, beloved by adventurers and cinematographers alike. The harsh climate and fertile soils of Cromwell produce fruit with rich, intense flavours, perfect for our needs. We want our spirits to taste like we’ve bottled the vast sky and crisp, clear air outside our window. Our proximity to pristine South Island waters gives us a head start, adding a touch of natural luxury to every bottle.

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We hope we’ve piqued your curiosity, inspired or intrigued you. If you’re ready to have your taste buds stimulated or if there’s anything more you’d like to know about us and our fine range of spirits, please reach out email or via our contact page . We’d love to hear from you. Here’s to good friends and great memories.
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